Monday, August 15, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Post Show Part 4 - The End

There and Back Again

In which we take one last look at the Exhibit Hall and then make the journey home.

Sunday saw us packed and ready to check out early.  We had packed our things the previous night with the intent of checking out, storing our stuff and taking one last look at the Exhibit Hall.  All of that went according to plan until we saw that they had screwed up the bill.  When we attempted to fix that, they informed us that their computers were from the 1800's and would require a little extra time to correct.  In compensation for our time, we were given cards to Starbucks and told to check with them in a little while.  We stored our stuff and headed to the convention floor.  We immediately lost Jason.  Alex and I got in a quick round of Oversized Flick 'Em Up which we both enjoyed and one game of Epic Card Game, which is Magic Lite and not nearly as much fun.  So 50/50 split to end the Con.  Jason caught up with us with some new purchases and we all agreed, as it was quickly approaching noon, that it was time to mount up and hit the dusty trail.  But Starbucks.

Jason and Alex were both recipients of ONE FREE BEVERAGE.  I, on the other hand, received $10. So I bought a drink and two Apple Fritters and was done.  I shared the Apple Fritters and we made our way to the car.

Back on the road home, we reminisced about the adventures we had had and decided that the faster we got home, probably the better.  This meant the tollway.  I had forgotten how expensive the tollway was.  $10 and some change lighter, we said goodbye to Illinois and proceeded to collect cows the rest of the way home.

In Closing

Essentially if you want the cliff notes TL:DR version of my Gen Con 2016 experience, here it is:

  • I had fun, I purchased a few things and am very happy with said purchases.
  • I do not particularly like Plaid Hat Games.  Maybe not on a whole, but definitely as it relates to their release policies.
  • Two bad gaming experiences are just that, so long as the third one knocks it right out of the ballpark.
  • 1 AM is when the lights go out inside of Marty.
And lastly,
  • Games come and go.  (Next) Gen Con is forever (from now).

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